September Whole30 - 2020

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Posted on September 23 2020

The September Whole30 has been an annual tradition within the Whole30 community for years now. Just like the January Whole30, these are two times a year the entire online community comes together to not only do a round with each other, but to support, encourage and feel a real sense of togetherness while journeying through this lifechanging program.

paleo on the go - whole30 september challenge

What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a 30 day (plus a 10-day reintroduction period) dietary experiment that aims to transform your health, habits and relationship with food. The idea is to remove the food groups that are potentially problematic to your mind and body for 30 days, and then systematically bring them back in to see how they impact you.

By doing this, you give yourself the opportunity to explore what makes you feel your best, and then, on the flip side, what isn’t serving you. You then have a better understanding of how to fuel your body based on your own needs. There’s too many benefits of the Whole30 to list, but participants often and commonly report improved energy and sleep, improvements in allergies, chronic pain and joint discomfort, and digestive issues, along with eliminating cravings, healing skin conditions, lowered anxiety and increased mental clarity.

Whole30 Community

The community rounds of Whole30 are a real source of connection, which can help to tamper the “hard” part of removing dairy, grain/gluten, soy and sugar from your diet. Whole30, and its partners, spend the month filling their social media feeds with discussions, information, tips, tricks, giveaways, and so much more. Melissa Urban, co-creator of Whole30, is always ever-present to answer questions, give direct help and feedback to your questions and concerns, and her Whole30 team is around every day with resources and guides to making this Whole30 your best.

There’s also hundreds of thousands who participate in these community rounds on their own social media feeds, by posting their meals, which you might see labeled as “R1D15M2”, which can be deciphered in Whole30 language as “Round 1, Day 15, Meal 2”, meal preps, and their own tips and tricks around things like working long shifts, Whole30ing with their families, Whole30 while traveling, and so much more. Everyone during this time is so excited to be helping and connecting with other Whole30’ers and excited to share what they’re learning and discovering with each other.

To get involved and get connected to the Whole30 community, you can follow their social media handles at @whole30, @melissau and @whole30recipes. Follow a few Whole30 Coaches or Whole30 recipe creators for tips, tricks and recipes. Follow the hashtag #septemberwhole30, and get involved by posting your own insights, meals and Whole30 ideas!

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