Kelly's Renovation on the AIP Diet

Kelly Love

Posted on October 07 2020

Who’s ever taken on a home renovation whether large or small? My guess is most of you. I just embarked on a bathroom renovation. And by “just” I mean early April and it’s taken me this long to complete it.

Why has it taken this long? Well, maintaining a balanced lifestyle with a full-time job, travel for my side business, exercise, time with family and friends, this renovation has proven to be a challenge. I’m one of those DIY everything kind of people when it comes to home improvement. So, basically I was completing small goals every third weekend for months.

What does this have to do with the AIP Lifestyle? A lot.

Maintaining an extremely hectic schedule and adding in hard labor meant feeding my body the fuel it needed to stay healthy and strong. That’s where Paleo On The Go has saved me. Time is of the essence here.

paleo meal for increased energy

At 37, I have arthritis in my hands and laying 12”x24” tiles on the wall took a toll on my joints. Following a strict AIP diet makes the symptoms much more tolerable. However, when I get home around 7:30PM and still have to demo moldy walls, hang new drywall, lay tile, or paint, when is there time to make nutritious AIP meals that will keep my symptoms in check? Hint: there is no time, or at least no time I’m willing to carve out.

before renovation on the aip diet

Knowing just how important diet is in providing me with stamina, a healthy immune system, and to give my arthritis a fighting chance, I made sure Paleo On The Go meals were in my freezer all the time. I noticed a huge difference between “pizza weekends” and “POTG weekends” right away. My hands were not as sore after laying tile, painting, or mixing copious amounts of thinset or grout.

Some of my favorite items included the Bacon Apple Chicken Burger with Maple Cranberry Sauce and Organic Collard Greens with Smoky Bacon, BBQ Pulled Pork with Baked Mac & Cheese, Savory Breakfast Hash, and Coq Au Vin with Herb Mashed Japanese White Sweet Potatoes. I have a sweet tooth, so having some AIP desserts on hand, like our Apple Cinnamon Paleo-Tarts, was a life saver! Also, the Raspberry Cheesecake with Kiwi Sauce was the perfect choice for a dessert that was low in sugar and wouldn’t make me crash.

kelly love - aip diet renovation


In the end, I realize having these incredibly delicious and healthy items handy was, in fact, the real “treat.” Not only was I always completely satisfied and full, but my body could actually use the ingredients as fuel to continue my busy yet balanced lifestyle. I’m 97% finished with this DIY reno project, and I don’t think I could have done it without POTG’s help!


after renovation on the aip diet

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