AIP Meal Delivery

What is the Autoimmune Protocol Diet? We call it AIP for short. The AIP lifestyle follows specific diet guidelines for people struggling with autoimmune conditions and the food sensitivities and inflammation associated with them. The most inflammatory foods are removed so the body can heal. All of our meals are prepared with our consumers' health as a top priority. Instead of merely eliminating foods, the autoimmune protocol encourages you to eat more nutrient-dense, real food that better supports healing your body. If you find that your current diet isn't addressing all of your health concerns, getting our AIP meals delivered right to your doorstep might be a great start.

AIP Elimination List:

• Nuts and Seeds • Coffee • Chocolate • Seed-Based Spices (like cumin, peppercorns) • All nightshades (peppers, paprika, tomato, potato, eggplant) • Beans (even green beans) • Grains (all grains, even white rice) • Gluten • Sugar and artificial sweeteners • Eggs • Dairy (including ghee and butter)

You can eat all high-quality animal proteins, all vegetables, and fruit (except nightshades), coconut, lard, bacon, avocado, olive oil, salt, herbs.