Four Simple AIP Ground Beef Dinners

Chris McCormick

Posted on August 08 2018

Do you have ribeye steak dreams but live on a ground beef budget? Do you have difficulty coming up with delicious new ways to prepare the ground beef? Well the POTG Test Kitchen has some great AIP ground beef recipes for you. Here are four new recipes from Chef Ann Lotterhos that you should plan on trying out. They are all easy to do yet oh so delicious! Check them out below.

Easy AIP Beef Stroganoff over Sweet Potato Noodles

Easy AIP Beef Stroganoff over Sweet Potato Noodles

Beef stroganoff has been around for a long time. The story goes that it was created by a french chef for a russian family in the 1800's. Typically recipes used sour cream to create the sauce that brings it all together. But not in our recipe! Check it out below;

Easy AIP Salisbury Steak

Easy AIP Salisbury Steak

When I was a kid and my parents went out for the night we often got to have TV dinners. It was like a special treat and I usually chose the Salisbury Steak. I wouldn't go near those today, but when Chef Ann came up with this recipe I was excited and filled with memories of my youth. This version is delicious and fully AIP compliant. The entire family will love it!

AIP Honey Ginger Meatballs

AIP Honey Ginger Meatballs

Here is a slightly different take on a meatball. You could say it is Asian inspired, they have a touch of sweetness from the honey and the ginger, garlic and coconut aminos round out the flavors. Would be great on top of your favorite alternative noodle.

AIP Asian Beef Vegetable Stir FryAIP Asian Beef & Vegetable Stir Fry

Sometimes I absolutely crave Asian Cuisine, but it isn't always easy to replicate for the Autoimmune Protocol. Chef Ann created this recipe and let me tell you, it didn't last long in the kitchen. In fact I didn't get to taste it! But everyone was raving about it. I think you will too!

Get the stir fry!

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