Hearty Beef Stew


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"So delicious This stew is fantastic, the meat is so tender and all the flavors mix well. Hearty portion enough for two meals. One of my favorites" ... Check out our Paleo beef stew, the best pre-made paleo meal around. This hearty portion will definitely fill you up while it warms your body on a cool fall day. We roast tender grass-fed beef and combine it with the savory flavors of carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, and onion to make this complete paleo favorite. Give your body the nutrition it needs with our grass-fed, grass-finished beef from our local farms, beef broth, vegetables, and fresh herbs. All-in-one bowl of goodness!

grass fed beef
24-hour grass-fed beef bone broth
sweet potato
organic celery
sea salt
organic parsley
bay leaves

Must be received and stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Thawing and reheating instructions: Remove container from the freezer and defrost overnight in the refrigerator.  Stovetop: put the stew in small saucepan and heat over low flame until hot (155°F). Microwave: remove lid and heat on high 6-8 minutes stirring occasionally until hot all the way through (155°F).