Why I Reset

Kelly Love

Posted on January 13 2022

Kelly and Aunt - Why I Reset

Why do a reset? Isn’t that just another resolution? To me the answer is, “No.” I try not to make resolutions since I am extremely hard on myself when I fail at something. But doing a reset is just a fresh start in my mind. A fresh start is a chance to start over in anything you wish. This year I am doing a reset to support someone else and that holds me even more accountable.

In September 2021, my aunt who is a huge part of my life, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. This was out of nowhere. No symptoms. Nothing. She exercises daily, watches her diet to a certain extent, and is one of the most faithful people I know.

Fast-forward to November, her surgery to remove the tumor ended up being much more invasive and actually confirmed she was already at Stage 4. She immediately came to me asking, “What can I do with my diet? I’m determined to beat this and if I can do what you did years ago, at least I want to try. I have to give my body a reset and let it heal from the inside out.”

In 2012 I suffered from Chronic Active Epstein Barr. A doctor finally told me his last resort was an extreme Candida Diet. Extreme because I had to additionally cut all dairy and never had more than 10g of carbohydrates per day. He was convinced that it would reset my immune system. And it did. It saved my life. I have not had a flare up in 5 years. That’s why I work in the Autoimmune Protocol space and believe in what Paleo On The Go is doing.

Back to the present reset we’re doing:

Neither she nor I like any form of cooking. We would both rather starve. Not exaggerating. Since we are so restricted on carbohydrates or anything that is or will turn to sugar in our bodies, we are very limited in our selections.

We’ve been supplementing the dreaded cooking with Paleo On The Go German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes (minus the potatoes,) the 4-pack of German Brats, Bacon, and the Savory Hash Breakfast Bowl (minus the potatoes.)

On day 10, the reset has her feeling absolutely incredible. She has energy and never feels bloated. Her positive mindset is contagious and I’ll do everything I can for her. My day 10 is different. I feel miserable…emotionally because I hate cooking and I’m bored with food, and I have headaches from the candida die off. However, I’m looking forward to my bloodwork this month to see how levels are tracking as I was recently diagnosed with borderline Hashimotos. My bloating and ankle swelling are completely gone which feels amazing so I guess it isn’t all bad!

So why should everyone do a reset? Let’s be honest, we gained the “Quarantine 15” in 2020, then we indulged way too much in 2021. Time to just reset things. Just a short period of our lives - maybe two weeks, a month, or more - to get things back on the right track. That’s why POTG created the Reset Bundle. It’s not a January 1st thing, it’s an anytime thing. You can reset starting now. You can reset after the Super Bowl, after Valentine’s Day, etc.. But that is what it is for. Just a way to keep fail-safe meals in your freezer so that if you want to reset your body with a Paleo or Autoimmune Protocol diet, you have the tools at your disposal and never have to read labels or worry what is hidden in your delivered food.

So why not? What do you have to lose? Set a date for a reset of your own and start fresh with some changes that will definitely help you feel your best. Maybe not instantly, but definitely soon! Doing a reset will teach you so much about your body and help you make more informed decisions in the future.

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  • Felicia : March 29, 2022

    Happy New Year Kelly,

    Thank you for sharing what you mean by reset. I am currently living with a very rare disease diagnosis but trusting God for a healing miracle. I will add your Aunt to my prayer list, if that’s okay. I have been on a 7-year journey and desire that all people be healthy and whole. I pray for all who suffer from chronic physical and/or mental illness.

    I have not yet tried POTG meals but have been thinking of placing my first order. I also liked the items you listed (minus the potatoes) but was concerned about the high level of cholesterol. When you cut all carbs, how long did you feel horrible? Were you basically on a keto diet? If not, would you mind sharing what you ate during that time?

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