Vegetable Oils Are Worse For You Than High Fructose Corn Syrup

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Posted on March 17 2016

If you follow or have researched the paleo diet at all, you probably know that there are only a few types of oils and fats allowed; vegetable oils are certainly not included. But, do you know why?

Vegetable Oil Dangers? They Are Worse For You Than High Fructose Corn Syrup

Although it might seem like it, the paleo community doesn't eat things based off of a fetish for all things animal and saturated. We try to eat what the body was meant to eat, not what scientists have come up with.


Vegetable oils are really seed oils (because you can't get oil from vegetables). The seeds they come from are industrial waste products, which is a great way to increase profits. Unfortunately, our bodies are not evolved to eat these sorts of things. Vegetable oil dangers include cancer and autoimmune disease just to name a few.

Watch these videos to learn the real reason why the paleo diet doesn't include these vegetable oils. If you already know this info, share it with friends or family! No one should be eating this.

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