Nightshade-Free Curry Powder (AIP Friendly)

Chris McCormick

Posted on February 24 2016

Curry is such an addicting and complex flavor that scientists in the UK recently did a study to try and figure out why. They found that the unique allure of the flavor comes largely from a lack of overlapping of flavors. In the west we tend to pair similar tastes, but with curry each ingredient serves a distinct purpose.

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Nightshade-Free Curry Powder (AIP Friendly)

Regardless of the studies, us Indian food fans just know it tastes delicious; we wouldn’t want to imagine life without it! Unfortunately, because of the nightshades standard curry powder is off limits to those following an AIP diet. Chef Ann wanted to create a curry powder that satisfies your deepest take-out craving, while remaining safe for even the most restrictive diets.

Use this recipe to replace curry powder in any recipe you’d like! Our AIP Curry powder will soon become one of your go to spices in the kitchen.



1 T. granulated garlic
1 T. granulated onion
1 T. turmeric
2 t. cinnamon
1 t. powdered ginger
½ t. ground clove


Mix all ingredients together and use in any recipe calling for curry powder. Use this in place of traditional curry powder, which has coriander seed, cumin seed, cayenne, mustard seed, chili peppers and black pepper.

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