Kelly's Real Food Diet During Covid Recovery

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Posted on July 13 2021

In 2020, we all learned a new term that forever changed our lives: Covid. What this term stood for sent each of our lives on a trajectory that none of us had in our five year plan. Some faced hardships while others learned a new and better way of life. Many of us learned just how much we need hugs and personal time with our loved ones. Some faced major health challenges while others took the time to get much, much healthier.

At Paleo On The Go, we were able to face this head-on and knew this was the time when thousands of people would start to learn more and more about nutrition and healing. We knew we had a unique opportunity to help in various ways. We provide the most nutrient-dense paleo and autoimmune protocol meals in the Country. But not only is it important for us to provide for our customers, but also for staff. Our staff learned at an accelerated rate just how important every job is here at POTG. Each hand matters here and makes a difference. The ones that cut the carrots, knead the dough, ladle the broth, wash the pans, carefully package each meal, and the ones that pack meals like a game of Tetris into our shipping boxes to get them safely to your home...they all make it possible.

The Value of Eating "Real Food"

After being at POTG for a few years, Kelly has become well aware about how valuable what we provide really is. But when her 98 year old grandfather was hit with Covid this spring, she used her knowledge of eating “real food” to educate his hospital nurses and help him get on the road to recovery.

kellys grandpa - paleo diet during covid recovery

“When he was diagnosed, I flew up to Michigan immediately to help him at home. One day, his oxygen just wasn’t rising and I needed to send him to the hospital. Fast forward to the third of his 14 days in his hospital stay, I was calling five times a day asking what he was eating and how much, along with all his other stats and charting everything. One nurse finally asked why I was so interested in what he was eating. It gave me the chance to explain to her how food aids in healing. She had never heard any of it. She actually asked why I didn’t want so much sugar in his diet. I asked them to stop giving him chocolate pudding with a chocolate chip cookie and ice cream at two meals a day. The fact it was even happening just sent me into a personal panic knowing his diet was only hindering him from getting better.”

Kelly was also hit with Covid during her time up there and had to be quarantined while her grandfather was in the hospital alone with no visitors. He declined rapidly, but took an amazing turn and ended up coming home on his 14th day.

“I knew both he and I needed the best possible nutrition to help us recover and being his caregiver for the following two weeks meant I needed my strength. The hospital didn’t have the greatest outlook for him, but I did. He’s a 98 year old WWII vet and he still works out every day. I knew he needed proper nutrition, rest, and exercise and I could get him back to his independence.”

When our POTG box arrived it was a relief to not have to worry about reading labels.

"I knew it was good food...real food. POTG made a HUGE difference in our healing. It made me wonder how much different things could be for so many families during all this if the world had been more educated on proper nutrition and the resources out there. I’m so thankful for this service and what it offered: both peace of mind and safe nutritious food.”

“Grandpa is well on his way to full independence and recovery, and I’ve been 100% for weeks now. I write this hoping one person has a chance to educate someone or encourage someone who is a caregiver or sick, to try changing their diet as a piece of their healing.”

kelly loves family - real food diet

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