Longer Days Means Less Kitchen Time, But Not Less Health

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Posted on April 18 2017

Longer Days Means Less Kitchen Time, But Not Less Health

Spring or the start of daylight savings time and longer days means less and less time in the kitchen. But that doesn't have to mean the end of your healthy eating pledge! We tend to work longer hours and stay out later when our days get longer. Consequently we lean towards easy options such as take out or microwave foods. We let food product manufacturers drive our meal decisions rather than nutrition based research that is really what a healthy human body needs to eat. Thankfully, eating well is simple if you begin with how you value food. No matter if you're eating out at restaurants, opting for a meal delivery service or plan or buying and cooking meals yourself.

Eating Out at Restaurants

In America, we tend to cook less and eat fast. Often spending more money at restaurants and bars than grocery stores. But there are healthier options and choices no matter where you choose to dine. Starting from paleo whole food principles are key! If you're going to cook less and spend more money in restaurants and bars, you need to know you're choices are as healthy as they can be. But even more important, to eat slowly and enjoy your time with the friends you're out with. You'll digest better and get great health benefits even while eating out.
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Plan, Buy and Cook Yourself

You've had the time to plan that night out at a restaurant. Afford yourself the same time to plan a few meals you can easily handle. Here's a few examples that may get your brain thinking and to help you get started.
  • On Sunday night cook a roast. It should leave you with lunch leftovers for Monday and Tuesday; Monday night a throw together quick dinner. On Tuesday night make enough dinner to have Wednesday and Thursday lunch leftovers. Planning like this allows you to make quick and easy dinners on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Boiled eggs and bacon strips with avocado over a Caesar Salad is as fast as seven-ten minutes cook time. Just enough time to boil your eggs, fry your bacon and wash your lettuce at the same time. You can also keep cooked bacon and hard boiled eggs on hand to add to salads or for a quick snack.
  • Cook a few grass fed sausages served them as hot dog buns, filled with sauerkraut, tomato salsa and arugula.
  • A Sunday roast chicken translates into a delicious chicken, blueberry, walnut salad on Monday. Save the legs for Tuesday's lunch with some cold roast carrots and beets tossed in hazelnut oil with hazelnuts and raisins.
Pre-planned meals, scheduling a few grocery deliveries (if available) and planning for and mixing up leftovers for lunches means frugality with flare and health! Your post work or gym session hunger pains will be satiated in the healthy fulfilling foods you've rewarded yourself with ahead of the time.

Opt For a Meal Delivery Service

If you'd really like to simplify things, there's the option to have someone else plan it for you. We love great food but many of us are not excited about the actual process of cooking of food. That doesn't have to result in unhealthy eating. A paleo delivery meal service could be just the answer to getting people back into the kitchen, without the time we no longer have with Spring in the air. Having someone source the best foods and create a quality meal is a great time and health savings! Just make sure you have the time to sit and enjoy what you're eating. The value of eating well begins with relishing each meal. Even though we're in a wondrous positive trend toward better eating within our time limitations, we shouldn't relegate eating to unimportant while we do something else. It's not an excuse to have even less time. The very best foods are healthful for your body only if you give your body the opportunity to digest them.
  • Don't eat standing up, sitting in your car or in front of the tv. Even your delicious banana nut muffin lends itself to an a sit down on the balcony to contemplate your day ahead.
  • Put your fork down between mouthfuls and serve yourself a little less on your plate. This way you have to get up to get more. Try a delicious homemade paleo chicken pot pie.
  • Eat mindfully, bringing everyone together for a family meal.
Eating better within our time limitations could easily be a combination of the three below.
  1. Plan to eat out one to two times a week for lunches or dinners
  2. Plan your Sunday roast and leftovers and quick meals then online shop for grocery delivery when it's available.
  3. Reward yourself with a completely restful night off at home with a paleo delivery meal service.
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Don't Compromise What You Eat

Daylight savings, summer work hours and spending more time outdoors means we might not have the cooking, shopping, even meal planning time we'd hope to restart our health this Spring. But less time in the kitchen doesn't have to mean compromising what you eat: eating out, quick cooking meal ideas and a paleo delivery meal service can help us out. Eating well is simple if you begin with valuing the food you put in your body. Know where it's from and how it benefits to you. We have less time to make it all happen, so you've more time to enjoy and digest it for all its goodness to your health.

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