Encouraging Even Babies Toward a Paleo Lifestyle

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Posted on May 21 2013

Babies Paleo Lifestyle

As a parent I want the very best for my son. In light of all of my continuing research I absolutely believe diet as a lifestyle choice to be critical in such formative years. I won’t lie that I cringe when I see pictures of someone’s baby, especially under a year old, on Facebook eating some ice cream or cake captioned with some cute comment about how much they just loved their first taste of vanilla ice cream or a cookie. Okay, I’m going to get blasted for that, I know. But I am not trying to be judgmental, it just makes me wonder as a society why we think that these items are okay to be feeding our littlest ones during such a time when their brains need nutrient-dense foods like the ones the Paleo diet provides. To me, I think a lot of it is honestly ignorance about babies’ gut formation and the precious flora that is developing.

I am by no means a perfect parent in any sense. But I can say that it is so difficult being a Paleo parent in a highly-processed world where convenience is key and we are such busy people that on-the-go items are in such high demand. This is what I love about Paleo on the Go. That when we haven’t had time to go to the store after a busy week with work, social commitments, and of course our little one, we can have a meal that is so simple to prepare but also I know I can count on them to be nutrient-dense and flavorful as opposed to choosing something that is a fast-food, mass produced and that will ultimately leave me feeling unsatisfied and sluggish.

As for my baby it is a tough call what to feed him sometimes because he is still only 8 months old and can’t eat everything we eat just yet due to his lack of teeth. But we do allow him to have organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible, along with the occasional chicken bone or pork chop. He loves broccoli and avocado and really anything we have given him. I don’t know when it became the norm that kids don’t eat what adults eat but they only know what is introduced to them so if you take care to introduce foods that will help build their brains and their bodies I believe they will grow to love these foods and the way these foods fuel their bodies!

Some minimal preparation, on-the-go options for baby:

  • big chunks of organic apple
  • cucumber sticks
  • fresh cut organic strawberries
  • avocado chunks

These items are quick to prepare ahead of time and stored in a container that can keep them cool. Again, preparedness is key when meal planning for busy outings so you set yourself and your baby up for success!

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