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I just wanted to take a minute out of my busy schedule and say THANK YOU for the AMAZING taste and convenience of your food. I work full-time, have 4 kids, and help my husband run a business when I'm not working. I am new to the paleo approach through functional medicine so it is a huge learning curve in the cooking department. The meals have saved me so much time and effort while I am learning and help tremendously when I travel or get in a pinch which is often. I have researched all of the delivery companies out there and this has them all beat hands down! Thanks again for being awesome!

Amanda B.

Wow!! Thank you so much Paleo On The Go. The meals were absolutely delicious. Having allergies and food intolerances it was so convenient and reassuring to use your service while traveling in the USA. All my meals were delivered to my hotels and were waiting and available upon my arrival at each city. Just had to reheat in the microwave. Certainly took away the hassle of finding suitable restaurants and gave me more time to enjoy my trip. Thanks again.

Julie C

I have done plenty of research on different websites for Paleo food being delivered to your home. This website was by far the cheapest and had the best options. I chose this and did not expect much, but in all honestly the food is AMAZING. I must say it opened my taste buds to new things. I am shocked how moist and fresh the meats taste. I am so happy and will keep reordering, this makes my life simple. I come home from a busy day and just heat this up! I do not have to grocery shop, or have the pain of planning my meals each day. This way I know I'm eating the right amount and getting good nutrition. I am so thrilled with this website and all that they offer.

Morgan J

This is outstanding! A lot of effort went into preparing this dish. I don't think anyone but a skilled baker could do as good a job on this. The pot pie tastes exactly like the real thing, the texture is perfect and my crust was cooked to perfection. The inside is just like a real chicken pot pie. When I prepared mine, I did not cover. I put it in the oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees and the crust was great. Really appreciate the effort that went into preparing such a complex dish that would be very, very difficult to make yourself. The portion is very large and I divided over two meals. Very good value----one of the best dishes Paleo on the Go offers!

Susan D.

This burger was my first venture into eating game and it was definitely a win. I was a little squeamish when it came time to actually take my first bite (a few months ago now) but was pleasantly surprised (and relieved!) by the rich but not overly gamey flavor. Not only that, but I always feel like I've ingested rocket fuel (in a good way!) after having this burger. I choose this meal when I want extra energy and, for me, it always delivers. Thanks POTG for another winner I now order regularly.

Carol V.

What timing!!!! I received my first order today as I was wondering what the heck to make with the AIP ingredients I had handy (I was starving and NOT exciting about having to prepare a well rounded meal for myself). SOOO, I opened my box of 25 individually portioned meals, and decided to try the Grandma's Chicken Soup, rather than dirty my kitchen, cook my meal, and then clean my kitchen, just to do it again this evening. The soup was AWESOME, the convenience was maybe even better!!! Thank you, Paleo On The Go, for making my AIP journey a bit easier today. I am beyond grateful for the convenience and lessening of stress your service will provide. I will be especially grateful when it takes me 2 minutes to pack my food for overnight business travel this Sunday evening, rather than the countless hours I usually spend in the kitchen getting ready

Mary L.


Thank you Dave Rohde and Paleo On The Go for cooking for me while I am unable to do it! I began the Autoimmune Protocol mid-March by and it started a journey I never expected. I have lost over 40 lbs. and my blood work has improved (making my Drs. very happy!) all that despite my inability to exercise. The possibility or being a normal size (instead of morbidly obese) is now very real to me, and maybe in as little as one year! After decades of being morbidly obese! All because I decided to take a chance and see if the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) would do anything for me. My level of Hope has greatly increased while I wait for remission of symptoms!

My weight is lower than it was over 10 years ago before I got sick (when I was working, taking classes, and in general, going non-stop from 5:30am-midnight.) Decades ago, to lose weight I was eating almost vegetarian (lots of whole-grains, legumes, etc.) and exercising heavily at least 3 days a week. After pain from an auto accident sidelined me and the weight came back on, I decided that something was wrong if it was that hard and I quit trying to lose weight.

This has been one of the EASIEST things I have ever done! I made the decision that I needed to give my body every opportunity (and time) to heal. Nutrient dense foods play a large role in that plan. I ordered the food from POTG. With help from family, I cleaned the foods out of my kitchen that are not AIP-friendly. I heat and enjoy the food. It has been that easy! God has been gracious to me. (Since I am relatively housebound due to fatigue, I don’t have as many outside temptations as someone else might encounter.) I had already been eating lower carb because of its effect on my body, so I only had minimal carb cravings once when I ran out of my vitamin-mineral supplement. I really enjoy the food. The portions sizes are good. There are very few items I don’t care for (liver!), and many of the menu items are favorites!

On the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP), you are supposed to wait until your symptoms are in remission before trying to reintroduce foods - I got tired of waiting and after a few months began food challenges. What a learning experience! I found that, for me, often the only symptom of a problem with a food is that I will gain up to 3 lbs. the day I eat it (inflammation!). Also, after the weight goes up, it takes a few days for it to return to where it was before the jump. If I attempt to add another questionable item back before it drops, it can jump again, and may take over a week to drop back to the previous low. So, although the weight loss has slowed down, the education has been priceless! (and being able to add a few foods back has given me patience to wait to reintroduce other foods)

To paraphrase one of my doctors, the money I’m spending on the food is an investment that WILL pay dividends in the future. Many people spend more money on things that yield far less benefit.

Again, Thank you Dave Rohde for sharing your experience and wisdom, and for providing the next step of my journey toward health by offering the nutrient-dense foods our bodies need on your website! Thank you, Karen Rylander, for sharing your wonderful culinary skills with the rest of us and for your kind responses to my questions and comments! And Thank you to everyone at Paleo On The Go for making this possible - I could not do this without you!


This meal plan has been a lifesaver! I'm in the middle of planning an event and cooking has been very difficult. All of the meals are delicious! Thank you so much for offering this plan
Washington DC
I just wanted to say that my first order arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more delighted! Everything was still very solidly frozen. I appreciated the warning on the lid about the dry ice. I've never dealt with dry ice before so that helped me. And, I was starving! First thing, I defrosted one of the banana nut muffins in the microwave and brewed up some afternoon tea. Ahh! It was sheer heaven! I actually have a lot of experience with making muffins out of almond flour and honey. It's challenging, in part, because there are no dry ingredients. Mine were okay but yours are totally FABULOUS! OMG! Then for supper I heated up the pot roast. I had been hungry for that ever since I saw it on your site, and it did not disappoint! It was WONDERFUL! Such a treat! When I was a kid my mom made pot roast with lipton onion soup mix. When I went on the diet for the crohns I tried making pot roast using only legal ingredients but it never seemed to have much flavor. But YOU totally nailed it! Wow! It was such a wonderful meal after a long cold day (and a long cold winter!) Thank you SO much for what you are doing! In the early days, when I was sick, on the SCD diet, and still trying to work, my mom would come over and help me cook every Sunday so that I'd have enough "legal" meals for my week. It was a lot of work, especially for someone who was already weak and sick. But back then there was no alternative but to make everything yourself. All the convenience foods that so many take for granted like canned soup and frozen meals had illegal ingredients. The idea that I can opt to skip cooking and enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal from my freezer is...overwhelming! (in a good way) I'll bet there are already other crohnies in your following!
What you are doing is more than a business....I'd say it's a calling. I know you're making a big difference in a whole lotta lives!
Keep up the great work!


Homerun from the start
This was the first meal I tried from my very first order and I've been ordering it every time it's in stock since. It's definitely one of my favorites! I was very grateful to discover POTG and the help it offers towards my staying on course with my AIP diet. So, I was happy for anything! But I didn't expect this frozen food, shipped up from Florida, to be so creative and delicious. The Chimichurri Sirloin is tender with sauce richly flavorful and generous. In fact, I just had it again today! Great taste AND I feel great after eating it. Thanks, POTG!
Carol V.
I ordered meals from Paleo On The Go last week and I just had to say it's the best thing I ever did! Not only are the meals delicious, but I feel healthier already. As a busy working student with Celiac Disease, I never have time to cook and Paleo On The Go has made it so easy for me; everything is so easy to warm up and take with me on the go. The portion sizes are more than I expected and I feel better already–no more stomach aches for me! :) I can't even tell that I'm on a "Paleo" diet! Thank you!
Danielle S.
Tampa, Fl

Just wanted to take a second from my busy schedule to praise the paleo on the go brand and how much i love this product. I own a service company and i am on the road some days and in the office others. My schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for me to prepare healthy meals and i find myself cheating on my diet a lot. I ordered Paleo On The Go about two weeks ago and i am not only losing weight but feeling great. I keep paper plates and plastic forks in my service vehicle and stop in gas stations to heat up my food and then eat. Without a system like paleo on the go I would never be able to achieve my fitness/health goals. I am actually saving money on this product by not having food go bad that i never get to preparing and to top it off I find myself not eating out as often. I would recommend this food to anyone who cares about their health and time.
Kevin N.
Kennesaw, Ga

Seriously the highest quality pre-made meals I have ever had. It arrives in a strange frozen bag. Yet when it slides out fully cooked, you're faced with the most delicious, tender, organic meals drenched in the most delectable sauces. No exaggeration, I am floored by how high quality everything tastes. Far better than any fast food, and even most restaurants. More importantly, I deal with food sensitivities, and symptoms which manifest after any inflammatory meals. Paleo is a non-inflammatory meal plan, and since starting on the regimen, my food reactions have reduced by over 90%. Sure, you can buy chicken and veggies yourself. But after a week you're going to get so tired of the bland meals and hard work that you may bail on the plan altogether. Can't recommend this service enough!

Kevin R.
Consumer Health Communities

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much my wife and I enjoy Paleo on the Go. For the last year I have been doing the P90X program including the diet. I enjoy cooking so I didn't mind preparing the meals which of course I could generally use for more than one meal. But being a busy Neurosurgeon, I didn't always have the time especially when I would arrive home from work late. When my wife told me about Paleo on the Go, I was all for giving it a try, especially since the cost seemed to be well worth it. I was a bit skeptical about how the meals would taste but I was amazed at the gourmet quality of the meals. Not a single one has disappointed me. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
Hal C., MD

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your meals! The food is awesome, and so convenient. A real lifesaver on busy nights when there's no time to cook.
Tarri K.

Best paleo delivery company out there. Great portions, great flavor, great service, and a great price. You really can't beat it.
Elizabeth A.
Atlanta, Ga

Paleo on the Go made it so simple when I decided to start my paleo journey a few months ago. Their meals are amazing and the variety is incredible as well. In fact, the meals are so good that the kids ask for them. I always look forward to the new items on the website. Keep up the good work!
Karin S.
Largo, Fl

My doctor recommended the paleo diet after some pretty unhealthy blood work. I was very intimidated by the new commitment especially the meal preparation time. I enjoy cooking but knew I wouldn’t have the time or energy to cook often enough to maintain such a strict regimen. Paleo on the Go has been a huge help and my health is much improved since I started. Their prices are very reasonable and the taste of the food is the best!
Steven W.
San Diego, Ca

I have been living the paleo lifestyle for almost 3 years. Without going into too much detail, I went from feeling lousy and run down everyday to basically feeling like a different person. My energy is through the roof. After taking a new Job in September, my schedule became very busy. I am a regular customer of POTG and I’m not sure if I could have kept up my diet without their help. Thank you!
Jamie C.
Portland, OR

Paleo On The Go has been a lifesaver. It has allowed my family to eat clean despite our extremely busy schedule. I have been so pleased with the food-it's delicious! I recommend POTG to all my clients at the gym.
Gretchen C.
Marietta, Ga

Paleo On The Go makes great food and makes eating Paleo easy and affordable. The quality is superb. I highly recommend it!
Dr. M., MD
Clearwater, Fl

Dave's service is in most cases, the ideal solution for our clients with food sensitivities and chronic disease. The Paleo Diet accommodates those that require a preservative free, grain free, soy free, and casein free diet. The frozen meals in BPA free plastic make eating healthy easy in a fast paced world. The quality and variety of proteins and recipes at any given time is like no other in the area.
Lorie Roman,
Managing Partner, FoodScript, LLC