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Paleo Magazine is the first, and only, magazine dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle and ancestral health. They are dedicated to providing our readers with the information they need to live healthy, active lives. In 2013, 2014, and 2016, Paleo on the Go won the honor of Paleo Magazines Best Meal Delivery Service.

Paleohacks Award 2017

Paleohacks gives you the tools to move better, eat smarter and live the best version of yourself. On Paleohacks, you’ll discover realistic advice about your health, easy recipes with real food, and exercises focusing on natural movement.

Paleo Approach Approved

The Paleo Approach is the first book ever to show you how to adapt the Paleo diet and lifestyle to bring about a full recovery from autoimmune disease. It discusses what you can eat to calm your immune system. Paleo on the Go has many items on our menu that are Paleo Approach approved.

Certified Paleo

Certified Paleo is a certification label for products that meet the basic tenets of the Paleo Diet, but will not certify any products in the “gray” area. The Certified Paleo Program offers certification for food items that contain no grains, legumes, dairy, artificial colors or preservatives.

Paleo Friendly

Paleo Friendly is a certification label for packaged food products, body care products, and pet food. Paleo Friendly certifies foods that contain no grains, legumes, artificial colors or preservatives. For products that are in the gray area, like grass-fed ghee, or dark chocolate, Paleo Friendly Certification is an available alternative.

Paleo on the Go:

  • Certified Professional Kitchen
  • Dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen
  • Food Production Permit Issued By The Florida Department of Agriculture
  • Food Safety Trained Staff (HACCP)
  • Experienced Executive Chef with Culinary Degree
Founder of Paleo on the Go has been Paleo for over 10 years