Telling The Homemade Story of POTG with Reels (TikTok)

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Posted on June 02 2021

TikTok and Reels. You might have heard of these apps. You might have even downloaded them at one point. But, if you’re like many of us above the age of 20, you might not know exactly what they are! Both TikTok and Reels are very similar apps. They’re one of the latest forms of social media that has taken the world by storm. While both are owned by different companies, the format is essentially the same – short, vertical videos, perfectly tailored for the short-attention span generation.

Homemade AIP Empanadas

Goal of our First Reel

Before we decided on the content of our first Reel ever, we had to decide what we wanted to accomplish. One of the challenges we face in marketing at POTG is figuring out how to convey the intense level of “homemade” that we do here.

While our food often tastes and looks similar to conventional food, it’s anything but! Our chef and kitchen staff go to great lengths to make sure our meals taste like familiar comfort food, even though the ingredients are often very different from the dish’s original inspiration. But, we commonly have trouble communicating this to potential - or even current - customers.

AIP Empanadas - What POTG is All About

If the goal of our first Reel was to show the extreme level of how “homemade” our food is, we decided that our AIP Empanadas would be the perfect first subject. Why? Because they embody everything POTG stands for… and they’re not exactly easy to make!

Everything from getting the dough to the precise consistency and temperature, handling the dough in a way that it won’t break (it’s way more fragile than gluten and even typical gluten-free dough), to making the fillings from scratch, takes extra special care and attention to detail. And, we thought our audience would love to see this!

Our First Reel: Empanadas

OK. So we decided that our first Reel would be a behind the scenes look at our Empanadas. But how do we make it fun and “tiktok-ready?” Well, we’re only allotted 30 seconds to work with. So, we knew we had to do fast cuts along with a fun, trending song. We decided on Mike Posner’s 2010 hit “Please Don’t Go” which happened to be charting on social media this March.

Want to see the final product? Check out our Instagram @paleoonthego and click on the “Reels” section! We’d love to know what you think!


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