How AIP Meal Delivery Can Change Your AIP Life

Paleo On The Go

Posted on March 03 2022

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1. Convenience

It’s no secret that our Chef-crafted meals show up directly to your doorstep. It really can’t get more convenient than that. And, while this might seem like a luxury, we think it’s one of the best ways to ensure you stick with your healthy lifestyle. Sure, you might not eat POTG meals 3 times a day, all week. But, whether you use us for all your breakfasts, as a backup option for busy nights, or even just the occasional treat, having pre-made AIP-friendly food is a game changer. Once you see how easy the lifestyle can be, you’re much more likely to continue with it!

2. Deliciousness

You might not consider the tastiness of food when thinking about your health. In fact, we as a society tend to associate “healthy food” with bland, non-delicious cuisine in our culture. When you throw in the restrictive AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) to the mix, it can seem even more dismal.

However, taste is CRUCIAL to eating for your health. Why? It’s simple: you’re far more likely to stick with a way of eating that makes you feel great when it tastes amazing. Flavor is often overlooked when it comes to better-for-you options. But, we make it a point to spend extra effort and time developing dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

    3. Time

    The AIP lifestyle isn’t just about the way you eat. In fact, it’s far from it! It’s impossible to overstate the importance of other factors like sleep and stress management when living the AIP lifestyle. And, you know what can contribute to a lack of sleep and high stress levels? The research, planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up when making AIP food!

    Using POTG as a resource, no matter how much or how little, gives you back the invaluable resource of time so you can focus on all the aspects of the AIP that will make your health thrive.

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