Everything You Need To Know About Bone Broth

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Posted on February 19 2021

What is Bone Broth?

Before we jump into all the things that make bone broth so special, let’s define what it actually is. Simply put, bone broth is stock made from slowly simmering bones, connective tissues and spices. Essentially, this slow and gentle process allows the maximum extraction of nutrients from the high quality, free-range bones we use.

what is bone broth


Health Benefits

When done correctly, bone broth is made with an ancient process that produces a superfood packed with vitamins and minerals. Just to name a few, you’ll find magnesium, zinc, potassium and even a decent amount of protein. We agree, the term “superfood” is thrown around probably more than it should be, but bone broth really has the stats to back it up! This elixir is also extremely soothing for an inflamed gut. The gelatine and glutamine found in bone broth has been shown to help with leaky gut.

Not All Broth is Created Equal

While we make some of the highest quality bone broth available, it certainly can also be made at home. However, we want it to be clear that not all bone broth is created equal. We take the time to source the highest quality bones, organic vegetables and spices, and make sure to cook it “slow and low” to preserve the highest amount of nutrients possible. It’s something we’ve mastered over the years – expect the healthiest and tastiest bone broth on the market!

Here’s What Can You Actually Do With Bone Broth

To put it simply – a lot. Many of our customers enjoy our broth in the same way you’d enjoy a cup of tea. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your daily broth. Feeling adventurous? Feel free to use bone broth any way you’d use a stock to make nutrient-dense soups, sauces, gravies!

Check out these soups and stews we’ve made with our very own bone broths! 

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