What’s the Difference Between Pasteurized Products and Pasture Raised Meats?

Douglas Rohde

Posted on July 16 2015

cows in pasture - difference between pasteurized products and pasture raised meats

What is Pasteurization:

Pasteurized products are products that have been heat treated to kill of bacteria. The thought is that all harmful pathogens are killed off, making the product safer for consumption. However, this process also kills off beneficial bacteria. There is actually an interesting history behind pasteurization. It all sprang about from Louis Pasteur and his germ theories. Pasteur researched information on the germ theory of disease and did everything in his power to get his name on it, going so far as to claim that he actually “discovered” germs. This set the stage for pasteurization and modern pharmaceutical interventions. As history would have it, mainstream medicine ultimately chose Pasteur’s theories, and from these sprang many western medical interventions we know today.

Pasture Raised Meats:

Pasture raised meats are meats that come from animals who have been outside in the pasture eating their natural diet. For example, pasture raised beef comes from cows that have an exclusive diet of grass. Pasture raised pork comes from pigs that have been out foraging.

Pasture raised meats come from happier and healthier animals. Therefore the health benefits are better for the consumer than buying conventional meats. Consuming pasture raised meats is also better for the environment. You may also hear the terms “wild caught” and “grass-fed” as well. Those terms are interchangeable with pasture raised. These are all animals that were out eating their natural diet, rather than being caged and fed a mix of grains and soy. These also get to socialize, and get sunlight and exercise. Therefore the animals are not stressed. Pasture raised animals are not given antibiotics. Therefore pasture raising is quite the opposite of pasteurization! Paleo On The Go is proud to offer our customers pasture raised meats.

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