Always Add This To Your Drinking Water - Sea Salt!

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Posted on January 25 2017

add sea salt to your drinking water

What's in Your Water Matters

We all know it's good to stay hydrated. Every one of us has heard the conventional wisdom about drinking 8 glasses of water a day. That may be around the right amount of water we need. But, is there more to the story?

We All Need More Trace Minerals

Did you know what's in the water can make a world of difference? The soil our food comes from is heavily depleted in nutrients so our trace mineral levels tend to be out of balance.

Always Add This To Your Drinking Water - Sea Salt!

The perfect level of trace minerals can be found in high quality sea salt. (Not table salt, which only contains sodium). Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt are two types known to have high levels of these precious nutrients.

Just A Pinch Makes a World Of Difference

Adding a pinch of high quality sea salt to every glass of water will not only help you hydrate, but it will slowly increase your trace mineral levels.

For more info, watch the full length video below:

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