7 reasons you need to use an AIP meal delivery service

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Posted on May 11 2022

7 reason to use AIP delivery service

1. Time is Invaluable

There’s one thing you never get back, and that’s time. We’re not trying to get too deep here but it’s really true! Something we’re incredibly proud to offer our customers is more time to do what they love.

2. AIP Cooking is Hard

Sure, it’s possible to make a simple AIP dish at home (relatively, at least!) How that dish will end up tasting is another story. We’re conscious of this, which is why we try extra hard to focus on developing and releasing dishes that you are least likely to make at home, whether that’s due to complexity, hard-to-find ingredients, or length of cook time.

3. Cleanup

This one is simple – when you order with us, there’s no cleanup involved.

4. We did our homework so you don’t have to

You won’t have to worry about checking ingredients or researching what’s allowed on an AIP diet. We’re AIP experts – just enjoy the food, we’ve got it covered. Furthermore, we make sure to only source humanely-raised meat, as well as organic-when-possible produce. (We follow the EWG’s dirty dozen when buying produce!)

5. Variety

We know the hassle of learning new recipes, as well as how easy it is to get bored with the same food over and over again. That’s why we rotate our menu while keeping customer favorites around to enjoy.

6. Bakery

OK, how many AIP bakeries are in the world? Maybe just one, and it’s here at POTG HQ! We’ve become masters at baking AIP-style, and it’s certainly not easy. But, it’s worth it! We make AIP dishes taste like non-AIP dishes – it’s that simple.

7. Stress – let us do the work while you heal and thrive

One major factor that is often overlooked in one’s healing journey is stress. What seems “normal” could actually be devastating to your body’s recovery processes. Relax while we take care of one of the most “annoying” and stressful parts of the day: meal time!

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