Matcha Muffins-4-pack


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Matcha is rich in antioxidants called Polyphenols which are known to aid in protecting against heart disease and cancer. They also help in blood sugar regulation and blood pressure reduction, they also have anti-aging qualities! Another polyphenol in matcha called EGCG is known to boost metabolism and slow the growth of cancer cells.

The recipe has it in both the muffin batter as well as the icing (hence the green color). Chef Ann created these muffins in response to the popularity of all things matcha, combining it with a new favorite ingredient, tigernut flour to offer up these delicious treats. Try some today!

tigernut flour
pumpkin puree
coconut sugar
arrowroot flour
coconut oil
organic applesauce
grass-fed gelatin
matcha powder (100% pure organic matcha)
Native Forest coconut milk (organic coconut, purified water) *BPA free cans
coconut manna
matcha powder  (100% pure organic matcha)
Must be received and stored frozen (up to 6 months). Remove the package from the freezer and bring to room temperature.  Icing packet: Thaw on the counter and then knead while running hot water over it, cut a slit in the package, apply to the muffin.