Us vs. Them

What differentiates POTG from other meal delivery services? We believe when you see the difference in writing, you will understand why our prices are what they are, and you will appreciate the mission we have to deliver our customers 100% real, nutrient dense, highest quality food. If your goal is to eat real don’t have to worry about anything. We have covered every angle. Here is a comparison between Paleo On the Go, and most other pre-made meal delivery services that may or may not offer paleo meals.

Them: Factory Farmed Meats (because it’s cheap and you might not be able to tell the difference)

Us: Pasture raised meats from local farms, we have visited!


Yes, that’s right. We make sure the meat we prepare in our kitchen is sustainably raised. This means the animal is consuming it’s natural diet, rather than being fed a GMO soy and corn based diet. These animals are able to roam freely and socialize normally, vs being caged. What this means is happier and healthier animals, better health for you, and for the environment! We attended the Polyface Farm Tour, and learned all about the importance of sustainable farming practices. We did this so we could offer our customers the most healing, healthy, and sustainable real food available. We wanted to fully understand the implications of factory raised animals, and have even given back to the community by supporting The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. We recently toured an incredible farm where we source our beef from. Why? We wanted to make sure these animals were raised in their natural environment. This means higher costs for us, but we do not cut any corners here. We research and source the best meats, so you don’t have to stress over it!

Them: Vegetable oils/canola oil/soy oil

Us: Our own rendered animal fats, grass fed ghee, coconut oil

Yes, we render our own Pure Paleo cooking fats. We understand the health implications of using factory processed heat treated oils, and the subsequent inflammatory response in the body. We know how important healthy fats are for making healthy hormones, fighting inflammation in the body, protecting our heart, protecting our organs, our brain health, and even our skin health. In our ghee dishes we use Omghee butter. Ghee is high in CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid). This is an amazing fatty acid with incredible health benefits. Ghee is packed with short, medium, and long chain fatty acids both from saturated and unsaturated fats. Your body cannot produce these fats on its own and it needs these fats to function at its best. Ghee contains essential fatty acids, as well as fat soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K. Omghee butter is the highest quality ghee we could find, with the most intense amazing flavor. It is made in small batches and even cultured for further health benefits. We also render our own animal fats. We want to offer our customers healing fats, fats necessary for all functions of the body. The fats other meal delivery services use are cheap and may help them cut costs, however, they are also cutting on your health. We want our customers to feel good from the inside out, and know that all our ingredients will help with healing. 

Them: Conventional Produce

Us: Dirty Dozen Organic

We want to offer our customers great pricing, but we also don’t want to skip out on quality. We found it best to stick to the “dirty dozen” list, and buy organic vegetables that are on this list. This ensures our customer is getting clean produce, and will not have to worry about pesticides contaminating their food.

Them: boxed chicken/beef stock

Us: 48 hour bone broth


Most meal services cook their meals using pre-packaged broths that are made with low quality ingredients. This is quick, easy and inexpensive. These broths are extremely low in healthy fats, minerals, and healing gelatin. We believe every single bit of your meal should be of utmost quality, nutrient dense, and healing. We cook with our own homemade bone broth, which is cooked for 48 hours with grass fed and pasture raised animal bones. The longer broth is cooked, the more nutrients in the broth. As you can see, we don’t cut any corners. This is real slow cooked traditional broth. Many Traditional cultures regularly consumed bone broth, which contains large amounts of gelatin and bioavailable vitamins and minerals. Our ancestors consumed broths with most of their meals. This is the best way to ensure quality protein, gelatin, and minerals in the diet. Boxed stock does not even compare.

Them: “gluten free” options

Us: Certified gluten free kitchen

Those of us who have celiac know that it takes just a tiny speck of gluten exposure to trigger an allergic reaction. Some of us without celiac are still highly sensitive to gluten and small amounts will also trigger a reaction. Many companies claim to offer gluten free meal options, yet they still cook in a kitchen that has gluten in it for many of their other products. We worked hard to make our kitchen a certified gluten free kitchen. This ensures that there is not even a trace amount of gluten in the food we offer you. Therefore there is zero risk of cross contamination, and zero worry for you having an exposure.

Them: sugar for sweetening

Us: real maple syrup and dates

Most companies bake with sugar. Although we don’t believe in promoting treats as a large component of the paleo lifestyle, we do offer some paleo friendly treats for those who feel they cannot fully give up sweets. We sweeten our products with real maple syrup and dates, vs using processed cane sugar or artificial sweeteners. Therefore our customers are getting all the minerals and nutrients found in these natural sweeteners.


If you were to source all your meat and produce from local sustainable farms, render all your own fat, make all your own broths, and take every step to have only 100% real unprocessed food for every meal, it would be wonderful! For those of us that do this, we understand that there is a cost associated with feeding the body all nutrient dense nourishing ingredients. It takes a lot of time, and money. However, it’s a commitment you make to your health. You save in the long run, because you aren’t paying for sickness. For those of us who really want this for ourselves and our families but find it too daunting? Paleo On the Go does ALL this work for you. You don’t have to worry about anything. We don’t cut any corners here. We even offer an Autoimmune Protocol meal plan that complies 100% to The Paleo Mom’s Autoimmune protocol. Therefore you don’t have to worry about certain spices, nightshades, etc. Other companies just don’t compare.

In conclusion, POTG for the win!