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Paleo on the Go and COVID-19

In light of the current worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we wanted to assure you of our constant dedication to the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the community at large. Though we're all facing some challenges with this unprecedented situation, we are still giving our all to provide uninterrupted service of healthy, real food meals that our bodies need now more than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, are you guys still open?

Yes! We are here, cooking, packaging, and shipping to your homes. We know you rely on our service.

What are you doing as a company in light of COVID-19?

  • We ALWAYS have, and will continue to, follow the strictest food-safety-standards in the industry, as well as the latest recommendations from government agencies such as the CDC. We view these safety standards as a mandatory necessity every day and not just in times like these.
  • We have a strict wellness policy – no team member will come to work unless they are 100% fever and symptom-free.
  • We adhere to HACCP standards according to FDA requirements and regulations.
  • We use strict standardized practices (including monitored hand-washing and sanitizing steps, gloves required at all times, boots, smocks and hair/beard restraints.)
  • All finished products are sealed and NEVER touched until you, our valued customer, opens it at home or work.
  • All delivery cooler boxes are packed and sealed in a sterile, sanitized environment in our production and packaging facility.

When will my favorite items be back in stock?

In these unprecedented times we are experiencing much higher demand for our meals, as well as, a few minor supply chain hang ups. As a small business we are doing our best to keep up. You’ve probably noticed fewer products currently available. We have made the decision to temporarily stop producing some products (see below). We trimmed our menu in order to concentrate on making larger quantities of less time consuming dishes. Some of these were already scheduled to phase out seasonally. But, rest assured, as we build up inventory we will be adding your favorite products back to the site. Once we are all caught up, some old favorites will be coming back too!

The integrity of our products is of utmost important to us. We will not produce items if we feel we must order ingredients that are less than our very high standards. We will never compromise the nutrient-dense, humane, organic and utterly delicious meals you’ve come to know and love.

What items have you temporarily stopped cooking?

  • Garlic Chicken and Broccoli Empanadas
  • Stuffed Pork Loin with Creamy Brussels Sprouts
  • Hazel Not with Carob Paleo Tarts
  • 6 packs of Tortillas
  • German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes
  • Homemade Seafood Pot Pie with Tarragon Crust
  • Smoked Chicken with Butternut Squash Stuffing, Spiced Apple Butter and Collard Greens
  • Beef Bourguignon with Japanese White Sweet Potato Mash
  • Maple Breakfast Sausage with Apple Cinnamon Porridge
  • Carob Delight Slim Mint Cookies

I’m a subscriber. Will my order come on time and with my normal meals?

We are trying extremely hard to keep our valued subscribers stocked up on meals without delay. Due to the high volume of orders and minor supply chain issues, you may receive an email that says your recurring order “failed due to insufficient inventory.” If you receive a message like this, you will also receive a special code to place a one time a la carte order with your 5% subscriber discount and receive the free partner gift of the month!

Should you want to simply remove one item and still receive your normal order, Customer Service is there to help by emailing them at realfood@paleoonthego.com.

Are orders shipping and arriving on time?

Yes! For the most part, we are able to ship based on our normal shipping schedule. However, many times over the weekend sales skyrocket and we can only get so many orders packed and out the door on our shipping schedule with FedEx. In those instances, you may see your order ship within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Why am I seeing new shipping rates?

Great question! FedEx had an overall raise in shipping rates that we have to account for nationwide. This took place earlier in the year and we have only just now started to implement some of the cost into our shipping rates. Due to COVID-19, we are seeing higher cost in freight especially to the Western United States and therefore we had to increase those rates further temporarily.

We assure you, we are still sharing shipping costs with you as we’ve always done. It is very expensive to ship with dry ice! We pay an additional 10-15 pounds of weight to account for the dry ice in your packages. When they arrive at your door, most of the dry ice has sublimated making it much lighter than when it leaves our facility.

I’ve emailed/left a voicemail and haven’t heard back.

Yikes! Sorry about that! As you can imagine, we are getting sometimes hundreds of emails a day and dozens of calls. We are working with “all hands on deck” right now which may cause delays in response times. We assure you, we are trying to answer all emails and calls within 24 hours.

We’ve got your back.

As you all know, things are changing and evolving by the hour. What we can guarantee, however, is that we are going to do whatever we can to keep supporting the POTG community that relies on us. With this uncertainty in mind, we recommend you stock up on your favorite meals in case anything changes. We’re all in this together! Stay safe and healthy.