Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) Meals Delivered

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We’re serious about our food sourcing. That's why we personally visit many of the sustainable, local farms we source from.

Our meals are handcrafted by our executive chef and kitchen team. Every recipe is created to ensure the best flavor and nutrition.

Our fully prepared, frozen meals are delivered directly to your doorstep. Just reheat and enjoy! Still have questions, check out our FAQ section.

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"What I love about Paleo on the Go is that they really understand the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol inside and out, so you can trust their products completely. They even create recipes specifically for the AIP, so they're full of flavor, too. I take them with me whenever I go on vacation and recommend them to my readers and podcast listeners all the time." - Eileen Laird, Author of "The Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol", Creator of the "Phoenix Helix" blog and podcast.

"I was so excited to go on vacation to Alaska, but thinking about packing food for 10 days was daunting!! I didn't have access to much of a kitchen, and eating out is impossible when you have food allergies and sensitivities! I learned about Paleo on the Go on facebook (The Paleo Mom), so thought I'd give it a try. I'm SO glad that I did!! The food arrived when promised, and everything was DELICIOUS!!! I will certainly order again. Thank you, POTG, for making it possible for me to travel without worrying about food!!" - Nina W (Anchorage, Alaska)

"I stumbled upon POTG a couple years back when I was traveling a lot. I was looking for an option that would allow me to stick to strict AIP while on the road. I have over 70 sensitivities and it’s so hard to keep up with all that cooking, especially when traveling! Now, my husband and I are POTG regulars! We supplement each month with POTG meals and it helps free up some time so I am not a slave to the kitchen 100% of my time!" - Rebecca B (Tampa, Fl)

"I founded Paleo On The Go in February of 2012 to help myself and as many other people as possible improve and maintain their health, through simply eating real food; paleo meals devoid of the inflammatory foods that I believe are the culprit in an increasingly sick society. My own health struggles pushed me into further research, which lead me to the Autoimmune Protocol.

We know that the autoimmune protocol or ‘AIP’ can seem overwhelming and restrictive, but that’s where we can help. I always support people learning to cook for themselves, but even the best cooks need a break. We make it super easy for you to eat a variety of meals with diverse flavor profiles, with our Autoimmune Protocol Friendly Menu. Our professionally trained chefs do all of the heavy lifting so you can just reheat delicious, nutrient dense, premade meals in minutes (reheating times vary)."

Founder and CEO - David J. Rohde

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