2020 vision

2020 is just around the corner, and we want to help you make this your best year ever. Puns aside, we hope you’ll enter the year “2020” with clarity and a vision about what you want to achieve. This isn’t about unrealistic goals or resolutions, nor is it about perfection. This is about actually improving your life on multiple levels.

Introducing “My 2020 Vision” with Paleo On The Go!

This year it’s all about transforming areas of your life as you see fit. We have broken “My 2020 Vision” into 3 categories, although they truly all overlap: Health, Family, and Lifestyle.


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This first part of “My 2020 Vision” focuses on “Health” in the physical sense of the word. You are what you eat, after all. January is a time to reset the body, and we’re partners with the world’s most famous reset of all “Whole30.” So, why not start your 2020 with a Whole30? We think a Whole30 reset with an AIP twist is one of the best ways to get your body back on track, and learn how your body interacts with food.

So, join us while we all do a Whole30, together! This Whole30 will be 100% AIP and is for EVERYONE, no matter what your current diet is.

Here’s how to participate:

You can create your own Whole30 meals at any time, but let’s be honest...life is busy! We are here to help supplement your journey and keep you conveniently on track. Our menu allows you to purchase Whole30 Approved meals pre-made right from our website that you can keep on hand and eat anytime you wish! Fill your cart with Whole30 Approved items to make your journey SO much easier!


Here at POTG, we think family is very important. Whether it’s the one you were born into, or a group of people you’ve chosen, family is an anchor in this world. Without them, where would be?

This second part of “My 2020 Vision” will focus on how mealtime isn’t just about food, it can be the cornerstone of a strong family unit. Cooking together, or better yet, heating up pre-made food while helping with homework or playing a game is the perfect time for togetherness. Let us do the hard work while you reap the benefits of more time together doing what you love with those you love the most.


Whether it’s what you call your “day job,” you’re favorite hobby, or even what your ideal vacation is - it’s the way you live your life. We think improving your lifestyle isn’t about making more money, or owning more material items, it’s about doing what you love, better.

The third part of “My 2020 Vision” will focus on how you can live your daily life, better, with some minor changes and how your diet directly affects how you perform at work or rest. Many studies have shown that eating real food can

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