Hawaiian Pork Burger with Tamarind BBQ Sauce and Island Stir-fry


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Brand new from the POTG Test Kitchen, Chef Ann's latest offering is our Hawaiian Pork Burger with Tamarind BBQ Sauce and Island Stir-fry. It incorporates many elements of Hawaiian Fusion cuisine while remaining AIP compliant. Hawaiian Fusion cuisine draws from many international cuisines. Pineapples are a locally grown element that is pure Hawaii.  The sweet and sour tamarind in the barbecue sauce is an influence from the Phillippines.

Asian influences from Japan are reflected in the ginger, garlic, and scallions and in the stirfry. We take the highest quality grass-fed pork butt and grind it in-house to make this delicious burger. The richness of the pork is complemented by the sweet and tangy tamarind bbq sauce, and the colorful stirfry is bursting with Asian flavors.

Pork Burger
pastured pork
sea salt
bacon fat

Island Stir-fry
green cabbage
red cabbage
red onions
extra virgin olive oil
freshly squeezed lime juice

Tamarind BBQ Sauce
pineapple juice
tamarind paste
coconut aminos
arrowroot powder
Must be received and stored frozen (up to 6 months). Thawing and reheating instructions:  Remove container from the freezer and defrost overnight in the refrigerator. Oven: Preheat oven to 350°F. Remove film from the container. Cover with foil and place on cookie sheet. Heat in oven for  18 to 20 minutes until hot (155°F). Microwave: Pull back film to vent. Heat on high for 2-3 minutes until hot (165°F) **Our trays are not toaster oven safe.**