Thanksgiving Family Pack


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Holidays can be tough on the Autoimmune Protocol, especially if you're feeding your family on the AIP.  That’s where we come in! With our Thanksgiving offerings, we have almost everything you will need for an AIP Thanksgiving. Everything but the bird that is! Ok, maybe a salad too! It doesn't matter if you are staying home or going to someone’s house. Our AIP Paleo Thanksgiving dishes will make it easy to stay on the AIP and feel incredibly satisfied. 

Sweet & Savory Pork and Biscuit Stuffing - While the flavors are classic, this isn't your average Thanksgiving stuffing. Pastured pork offers a protein-packed twist on this traditional dish. (19 grams of protein per serving, in fact!)

Mashed Japanese White Sweet Potatoes and Turkey Gravy - Simple and classic. This is a true Thanksgiving staple, so we wanted it to taste as familiar as possible...and it does!

Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole - This is exactly what you want a casserole to taste like - a creamy, flavorful sauce combined with broccoli and cauliflower, topped with a crunchy, savory topping.

Cranberry Orange Relish - The most common request we've gotten is to offer cranberry with our Thanksgiving pack. Chef Ann elevates this classic side with orange zest and maple syrup, for a nuanced take on something we all grew up with!

    (Family Pack Serves 4)

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