Immune Booster Bundle


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Introducing our Immune Booster Bundle

Our Immune Booster Bundle is a collection of mostly brand new dishes (and a couple of favorites) that are specifically designed and curated to have the highest impact on our immune system. Because this is POTG, it all has to taste incredible at the same time!

Here are some of the foods we include for their immune-boost properties:

Grass-Fed Beef Liver: Packed with B12, vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc, folic acid, copper, and selenium. These are all important for the immune system.

Sage: This herb contains thujone, a potent antiseptic, and antibiotic, which fights against common microbes

Garlic: Often used to give food flavor, this ingredient also has strong antimicrobial properties, giving your body more power to fight back against infections.

Spinach and Kale: Full of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and beta carotene – all of which can help keep infections away.

Bone Broth: 80% of our immune system is in the. That’s why gut health is so important to staying healthy! Glycosaminoglycans found in bone broth can help heal the intestinal lining and strengthen your gut, keeping your immune system strong.

Salmon: This fish is full of healthy omega 3 fats, which is thought to lower inflammation in immune cells, according to this study.

“Even a tiny bit [of organ meat] is better than none”
-Sarah Ballantyne in the book Paleo Principles

Eating with your immune system in mind and including more organ meats/liver might be a new thing for you. But, it’s not something to stress out about! In fact, it should be just the opposite – that’s why we created this bundle, after all. It’s best to start incorporating dishes like the ones found in our Immune Booster Bundle in amounts that you feel comfortable with. This is not a race!

Even eating something like our “Boudin Balls” that contain grass-fed beef liver once a week would be a huge improvement in your weekly nutrient intake. It’s all about small steps!

This bundle is a great place to start!

All of the dishes in this bundle can help strengthen your immune system in different ways, whether it’s the liver in the Pork Dust Crusted Boudin Balls with Dirty Rice or the house-made bone broth in our Organic Lemon, Garlic, and Sage Bone Broth. Incorporating these dishes is a great way to eat with your immune system in mind!

*No substitutions can be made to personalize meal plans for the consumer. Personal preferences can only be accommodated when using the a la carte menu.
**Based on availability, we reserve the right to make Auto-Immune Compliant substitutions to meal plans in the event of backorders.

Receive and store in the freezer until the "use-by" date. Store in the refrigerator no more than three days.
Thawing and Reheating Information: Please see individual items for specific instructions.