Homemade Turkey Pot Pie


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"So good my 10 year old tried to eat it all. Will order again and again." ... Our Homemade Turkey Pot Pie is a hearty dish. It's perfect for cold nights or just when you need a little extra comfort but don't need the side effects that gluten may give you. This delicious cassava flour crust is flaky and filled with pasture raised turkey, celery, onion, carrots, sweet potatoes and a hint of sage. This is a must try for the new year! 16.5 Ounces Serves 1 PS The beauty of handmade food is that it doesn’t have to look perfect to be perfect. If what you receive looks a bit different from a photo or what you got the last time, know that it’s because it was made by an awesome human with love, not a machine.

organic, hormone and  antibiotic free turkey
organic celery
sweet potatoes
cassava flour
coconut cream
pastured pork lard
sea salt
grass fed beef gelatin
Must be received and stored frozen (up to 6 months). May be held refrigerated up to 3 days prior to reheating and consumption. 

Pre-heat oven to 450°F, remove from vacuum pouch frozen, place on a cookie sheet tray, cover loosely with aluminum foil, place on middle rack of oven, bake for 60-80 minutes until hot all the way through (165°f). May vary by oven. The crust should be browned.  Do not microwave this item.