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Posted on January 13 2021

Happy Whole30 Month! Many of us at Paleo On The Go have decided to share our journeys as we navigate this month together. Each of us have journaled a little each day to compare how we are feeling and what we are enjoying and struggling with. Before we dive in to our individual journeys, here is a quick overview of those contributing:

  • Kelly - Known for the largest snack drawer in the company. An avid snacker and lover of eating all day rather than meals.
  • Shelsy -Food adventurer, not afraid to try new culinary masterpieces. Looking to expand into healthier food habits such as Whole30.
  • Kasia - Crossfitter. Sugar lover. Food snob.
  • Doug - Beachbody enthusiast who loves to cook and enjoys the occasional tasty treat
  • Evan - Mostly paleo, a little grain-free junk food.
  • Lisandra - A proud Foodie who loves to try new meals, hates to cook but loves to eat.

We’ve gathered together and broken down a brief summary of how each day has been so far, our favorite foods, our failures, our lessons, and changes we are seeing.

whole30 journals by potg

DAY 1 - Lisandra

Here we are...day one. I have been wanting to change up my diet for quite some time now but haven’t had the courage to do so. For most of my life I have dealt with food sensitivities but because I love food so much I ignored them or just made excuses for the way I felt. But now, I am ready to make the change and prove it is still possible to eat healthy meals without sacrificing flavor. I know it's going to be hard work, but I have a great support system with me and I work at an amazing company that understands the struggles.

I am a new mom and my lifestyle has dramatically changed since the arrival of my daughter. I do not seem to have the time (or I think I don’t) to meal prep, cook dinner, exercise and be a great mom. So to start, I am going to eat my absolutely favorite meals from POTG to ease my way into this and then supplement on my own as well.

  • Favorite Food: POTG Savory Hash Breakfast Bowl
  • Cravings: Bread! Saw some leftover Hawaiin bread at home and was so tempted to grab one but I did not.
  • Sleep: Almost 7 hours
  • Epic Failure: None (yet)
  • Lesson: Preparing to be on this diet is key! The week before I read through the Whole30 diet cookbook to understand what meals and foods I should eat and should not. I felt more confident when I jumped in.

DAY 2 - Kelly

Day one I was not at all prepared so I had to eat carefully. Today I went grocery shopping so I could cook (which I hate to do.) I spent $130 at the store. And this will not last me weeks. This is probably going to last about five days. Unreal. Then I purchased five Whole30 Approved® meals at POTG because not only do I dislike cooking, I don’t trust my skills.

  • Favorite Food: Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce
  • Cravings: Snacking ohhhhh how I miss snacking at my desk.
  • Sleep: 7 hours and 30 minutes and pretty restful
  • Epic Failure: No fails yet
  • Lesson: Why is eating “whole” so expensive?

DAY 3 - Kasia

I just want to eat out. I did get a fresh feeling waking up and I guess the good food is kicking in. I have been feeling focused at work, but noticed I was super hungry through the day. I probably was snacking too much on fruit. Oops. Good news, I remembered Chipotle was a good Whole30 option so I went and ate a huge salad bowl with guac. Yum.

  • Favorite Food: Chipotle
  • Cravings: honey, paleo cookies
  • Sleep: Regular 8 hrs of sleep
  • Epic Failure: Honey in tea. I’m weak.
  • Lesson #3: I am limited in my eating out options. I am eating Chipotle for every dinner from now on.

DAY 4 - Shelsy

On day four I felt great. I had my smoothie in the morning and two hours later I had a zero-sugar grass-fed beef stick with some fruit. When I got home there was a piece of Tiramisu Cake that my husband bought...I swear my eyes and my mouth were watering for a second. I looked the other way and grabbed some raisins instead. I felt good knowing I was going strong my first week.

  • Favorite Foods: Morning frozen fruit smoothies
  • Cravings: Cake...all that cake
  • Sleep: 8 of absolute slumber
  • Epic Failure: Close but no fails yet
  • Lesson #4: I learned to have a healthy sweet around in case of Emergency.

DAY 5 - Doug

Hunger pangs have been even worse. Trying not to eat everything in sight. The workouts actually help with that. I have incorporated traditional ceremonial grade Matcha tea into my diet to see how that works. So far, so good.

  • Favorite Food: Grilled chicken
  • Cravings: Food, glorious food
  • Sleep: 6 hrs which is normal
  • Epic Failure: None
  • Lesson: Workout while you do this. In fact, always workout.

DAY 6 - Kelly

Oh yes. The “I just want a nap” day is real. Very real. Seriously. I felt like I would basically lie, cheat, and steal for a glorious 10+ hours in my cozy bed. I’m even dozing off writing this. Send help.

Food for the day revolved around my daily morning banana, more of my pesto chicken dish, and one of the juiciest pears I’ve ever had. I also switched out the Turmeric Bone Broth for the Beef Bone Broth. So good!! For dinner I had the German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes. It has officially tied the Hearty Beef Stew for my go-to meals from POTG.

  • Favorite Foods: POTG German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes. So satisfying!
  • Cravings: Bubble Gum
  • Sleep: 7 hours and 10 minutes of pretty great sleep, but I had to get up 90 minutes earlier than normal.
  • Epic Failure: Skipped the gym because I was so tired.
  • Lesson #6: I have Chronic Active Epstein Barr. It’s rare and it sucks. My first sign of a flare-up is a sore throat and exhaustion. I already know what triggers it and it’s typically when I have too much sugar in my diet. Well, with all the fruit and that little bit of bad sugar in that protein bar, I woke up with a sore throat. My new snack is going to be celery. I love celery.

DAY 7 - Kelly

OK, last year on day seven I was crashing all day. This year I feel great and have been able to go to the gym and get pretty good workouts in. But the cost of this “diet” is killing me. I just bought $30 in Chomps jerky. I’ve spent nearly $300 on food already and it’s only January 11. Eating “whole” is expensive.

  • Favorite Foods: Sweet Potato “fries” with Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce
  • Cravings: Oh my gosh these Wheat Thins in my desk!
  • Sleep: 8 hours and 10 minutes - I can’t believe how much better my sleep quality has been!
  • Epic Failure: So close, but I’m ok.
  • Lesson: Paleo On The Go Whole30 Approved® items are a saving grace. I will never take them for granted again! Whole30 Approved® meals in my freezer have already saved me multiple times.

Seven days down, 23 to go!

POTG Foods that are saving us:

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