What On Earth Are We Doing? Our Whole30 Journey Wrap-up

Kelly Love

Posted on January 29 2020

Kelly and Kasia’s Whole30 Journey

Kelly here; I’m still alive and still doing well! But man…is this thing over yet?

In early January, we posted a blog about the start to our Whole30 journeys, and here we are near the end; the home stretch. Here’s a recap of how we survived and what our next steps are:

DAYS 8-10 – Is This Even Working?

Supposedly these are the “oh no my pants are tighter” days, but I don’t feel like that at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Favorite Food: Hearty beef stew and honeydew

Cravings: I miss protein shakes

Sleep: Avg. 8 hours 12 minute of slumber

Epic Failure: None surprisingly

Lesson #8: Don’t let the freezer run out of ready to eat meals!

DAYS 11-14 – This is the Worst Thing EVER!

Miserable. Uninterested. Over it.

I am so over this. It’s expensive and I can’t eat anything I want, even if it’s “healthy.” My patience is extremely short with everyone and everything.

Favorite Foods: Ants on a Log. Yes, like your mom made you in elementary school. Celery, Almond Butter, Raisins. You’re Welcome!

Cravings: Everything.

Sleep: Avg. 7 hours 10 minutes of average sleep, but mostly felt rested

Epic Failure: I drank my BCAA mixture with my workout without even thinking about it and I don’t think mine is Whole30. Oops. I’m also only hitting the gym 1 day a week instead of my usual 5 which is frustrating, but I just don’t have the time right now with work and life.

Lesson #9: If I’m eating really clean, I don’t feel like I have to exercise as much. I feel healthier on the inside which is weird to say, but that’s the only way I can describe it.

DAY 15 – Halfway There. That’s It?!

I feel good, but I’m so over this.

Favorite Foods: Coffee. I’m back on the coffee after a long time without it. I’m loving the German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes

Cravings: Gummies

Sleep: 7 hours and 27 minutes and woke up feeling great

Epic Failure: None!

Lesson #10: Reading labels is exhausting and annoying, but necessary.

aip paleo hearty beef stew

DAYS 16-19 – If This is the Tiger Blood Phase, Why am I Not Feeling Like a Majestic Creature?

I feel GREAT. I feel lighter inside, more energy, happier, more focused, no afternoon crash…Who am I? But I honestly thought I’d feel better than this. I feel like I do when I eat well and exercise. I thought this would take me to some crazy level of awesome.

Favorite Foods: Steak, steak, steak.

Cravings: To not have to be the weirdo at the restaurant asking for specific cooking of food.

Sleep: Avg. 6 hours and 15 minutes, but I was out of town not in my own bed.

Epic Failure: I totally blanked after dinner twice and had gum that was in my purse.

Lesson #11: Keep Larabars or Chomps Sticks in your car or purse at all times so you don’t mess up when you’re traveling or tempted with airplane snacks.

whole30 approved sampler

DAYS 20-22 – I Don’t Want to Play Anymore

Why isn’t this over yet? I feel like I can’t do this anymore. I’m sick of reading labels and limiting myself. It’s harder for me because I hate cooking with a passion. I’m eating a lot of Larabars and POTG meals and will most likely live on them for the next week. Day 21 is usually known as the “I am so over this” day so I’m in good company.

Favorite Foods: POTG Savory Breakfast Hash and Carrot Cake Larabars

Cravings: Gummies and Cheese, but not together.

Sleep: Avg. 7 hours and 5 minutes of beauty sleep, but I’m waking up really tired again.

Epic Failure: None!

Lesson #12: My bad attitude is making this worse than it is. 

whole30 approved bundle

DAYS 23-25 – Almost Done. Almost Done.

I had to travel to Pennsylvania for a funeral over the weekend and I was nervous about eating so I sent POTG food ahead of me. Thank goodness!! It came in very handy and kept me on my game. I did however get dared into trying mussels for the first time at dinner one night so I did (I don’t eat seafood at all) and I loved them. We are talking some epic amounts of garlic butter! Yes, that’s right. I failed. I didn’t even think about the “butter” part until my breath was already infused with an overwhelming garlic aroma. Oh well.

Favorite Foods: German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes. Per usual.

Cravings: Starburst – only the yellows and oranges though.

Sleep: 6 hours and 10 minutes on average.

Epic Failure: Butter.

Lesson #13: Be prepared with POTG food when you travel. It’ll ship just about anywhere.

AIP Paleo German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes

DAY 26 – I’ve sooooo got this!

Went to the gym and three of my favorite guys that I work out with all told me I looked skinnier. I don’t notice anything really except that my clothes actually feel like I’m wearing them and not like they are wearing me.

Favorite Foods: Coq Au Vin!!!

Cravings: I just want a Reese’s

Sleep: 6 hours and 40 minutes – I went to bed so late!

Epic Failure: None.

Lesson #14: Chef Ann is a genius at making things AIP and Whole30 Approved.

DAYS 27-29 – Home stretch.

I cannot wait to start reintroducing things. To be very honest, the first thing is going to be alcohol — before you judge me, the reason is because the Super Bowl is on Sunday and I love football and all the fun that comes with a good Super Bowl party. I will be eating before I go to make sure I don’t overdo the snacking and just make myself miserable.

Favorite Foods: Larabars in all the fruit flavors. OMG!

Cravings: Chocolate.

Sleep: 8 hours and 10 minutes on average.

Epic Failure: None…and I can’t believe it!

Lesson #15: I can’t believe how the crap we put in all our food cuts the price down. I am in shock over how expensive eating like this is. No wonder most of America is unhealthy. I’m embarrassed about it to be very honest. How did our country get like this?


$378.96 for the month…BUT I’ve also spent over $200 at Paleo On The Go for about 20 days of meals I didn’t want to make. It was worth every penny.


Coq Au Vin

Hearty Beef Stew

Pederson's Natural Farms Sugar Free Bacon

CONCLUSION: I feel absolutely amazing.

kasia and kelly from paleo on the go

Hello, it’s Kasia again. The past 3 weeks are just flying by and I can’t believe it is almost the end of January. How is this Whole30 challenge almost over?! I hope ya’ll are sticking in there. I would say things have been running smoothly, other than a few minor episodes of cravings which leads into binge eating apples and almond butter. It can be quite hard to feel sustained on this diet as you are not getting your regular carbs from rice or bread-like food (although I’ve been gluten-free for awhile, I always found a lot of Paleo bread/dessert options to keep me happy). But, with time, it gets a lot easier if you find some other options like fruit and potatoes!

Anyway, here’s the continued breakdown of my Whole30 journey! Part 2, let’s go!

January 8-15th – COMMITMENT

At this point, the required commitment to the Whole30 diet is sinking in. It is like “Oh wow I’m actually doing this and I can’t screw up.” I had a major feeling of being locked up. There was nowhere to go but to continue as mandated.

It definitely hits you the most when you go to the store and you see all the aisles of inedible food (according to Whole30). It gets even worse when you look at every single item closely and notice all the ingredients that are incompatible with your diet. All these illegal foods!! No bueno! But then again, I realized I started not wasting time at the store buying foods I didn’t need. I just focused on my top 5 staples (broccoli, carrots, chicken, blueberries, sparkling water) and got out. Talk about efficiency and money savings!

This week also led into a short day trip to Fort Lauderdale with my parents. I knew it would be extremely hard to find the necessary meals at restaurants, so I prepared some eggs, carrots and sweet potato for me to have in the car. That unfortunately did not last very long. I don’t know why but I eat a whole lot so food goes fast. Luckily, I found a pretty hipster restaurant down in Fort Lauderdale where you pick and choose what you would like in your salad bowl. A massive life saver. The only food failure I had during the trip were the gas station cashews. I kind of overlooked the ingredients initially but later found out they contained some illegal oils. Oops!

January 15-22 – TIRED OF THIS

This week was a bit of a trying time for me. I was kind of getting bored with the diet and I wanted food. I wanted food all the time- something heavy in the stomach, not just greens and protein all the time.

Mind you, I go to Crossfit about 5-6 times a week. Those 5-6 times are full of heavy weightlifting and intense cardio workouts. You also have to take into account I’m at the phase where I’m not a complete beginner. I can clean 135 lbs and deadlift 210 lbs. For example, I go through workouts doing about 150 wall balls and a 50 cal row. It takes quite the energy, so without the right amount of food I get massive cravings. It is not necessarily sugar cravings; it is more that I just want calories and to feel fulfilled.

It took me awhile to figure out how to fulfill my carb needs. Of course, blueberries and blackberries are always ideal because they are low in sugar but I never really felt completely satisfied with eating just those for carbs, but strangely enough I found that apples, especially Honeycrisps, really curb my appetite (along with some almond butter). I guess it’s just that you have to worry about all that fruit sugar, which in the end is not terrible if consistently exercising everyday. Of course, adding that daily apple (or maybe 2) with other low-sugar fruits and sweet potatoes is a must! For me, it is essential to ensure a carb is included with each meal.

Just a side note, I felt it necessary to test my limits this month and stay away from RX Bars or any kind of fruit bars for the carbs. I just wanted to see how far I could get without searching for a quick fix. I mainly wanted to focus on eating straight forward, whole foods throughout the diet and staying clear from anything snackish/sugary to feel optimal results.

January 22-29 – OOPS

Woo! The final week of the Whole30 Challenge. Out of all the weeks, I felt the most in flow with the diet. No complaints really.

I started to realize the benefits of upholding the diet these past couple weeks. Specifically, the reduction of inflammation that I’ve been feeling. Although I did not lose weight, it is insanely crazy how slim my legs have gotten these past days. And then the change in mobility! For Crossfit, I’ve always had the hardest time reaching depth in my squat (which can make it hard for technical movements such as the overhead squat) and now I can sit in a squat position with ease. This is a tremendous help in developing my technique further and also for the overall health of my joints. Bad technique always means you are straining something else!

Now it is time to confess, I did eat something illegal over the weekend. I can explain. You see I am quite weak when it comes to abnormal burger toppings, so when I stumbled upon this cool restaurant in Mt Dora, FL (which is 2 hours away from home) I couldn’t walk away. Which in hindsight was not the best idea, but I excluded the gluten bun and only ate the burger with my illegal peanut butter, strawberry jam and maple bacon toppings. It still made me feel especially guilty…so I went for a mandatory 2 mile run afterwards. I did pay my dues!

My takeaway from this illegal food experience would be…don’t stress out too much. Sure, you want to put your best foot forward when you are on a diet but don’t overkill. If you are too OCD about staying in compliance, the diet will never be sustainable in the long run. That is something to keep in mind for myself as I do plan to keep up generally with the Whole30 rules after this month (might be introducing back rice, almond flour and maybe sweeteners ie. maple syrup).


I love eating well! It is just amazing how much your body changes when you eat REAL and clean food. My teeth are super white, my inflammation is cut down and my energy levels are boosted. All great results! I wouldn’t mind going on with Whole30 for a while more. Hope you all plan to stay on the Whole30 diet as well!! Good health to you all!!

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